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Moving Truck


4 Weeks Before Move Day

  • Call Big Stuff Removals and get us booked in for your move. (We will order and deliver all your packing materials)

  • Remember to book time off work for your move.

  • Start to declutter and clear out things you no longer need.

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Let your insurance companies know your new address

  • Send friends and family your change of address information

  • Arrange child and/or pet care for moving day

  • Dig up any plants you are taking and get them potted

  • Let your doctor and dentist know you are moving and if necessary register with a new one


  • Strip all the beds

  • Ensure access to your property and parking is clear

  • Don’t worry about anything else today, Big Stuff has you covered!

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Start packing, begin with your non-essential items and label box contents as you go

  • Arrange a redirect for your mail with the Post Office

  • Let your utility companies know you are moving home - Water, Gas & Electric, Internet & Phone etc.

  • Let the local council know you are moving as well as TV licensing

The Day Before Moving...

  • Make up a box of moving day essentials

  • Defrost the freezer

  • Disconnect the washing machine and dishwasher

  • Set aside anything you will be transporting yourself

  • Get a good night's sleep!

Please get in touch today and let Big Stuff and his team look after your every need.

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